Hydro-Zone, Inc. personnel has over 50 years experience in the Water Treatment Industry.

Hydro-Zone, Inc. products and services have been known to save companies 15 to 35% on their present water treatment costs.

Hydro-Zone, Inc. products are ISO 9001 certified and ship with a Certificate Of Analyses.

Hydro-Zone, Inc. products are extremely concentrated, using far less than competitors treatments.

Hydro-Zone, Inc. service is of the highest quality.

Hydro-Zone, Inc. service representatives perform on-site testing, submit a written report and track chemical and water usage to assure your systems are working at 100% efficiency.

Hydro-Zone, Inc. service representatives are on call 24/ 7 to help avoid plant shut downs. Hydro-Zone has a laboratory in our Detroit Office to perform immediate analyses and problem solving. Hydro-Zone, Inc. also has a patented Ozone Enhancement System that works phenomenal on controlling bacteria, fungi and Legionella Pneumophilia.